Jimmy Demis


From the heart of Thessaloniki, enriched with history and culture, emerges Jimmy Demis, a dedicated songwriter and music producer originally making his mark in Dublin and now back, infusing the Greek music scene with his distinctive sound. Jimmy’s journey is a melodious blend of passion and perseverance, creating a musical style reminiscent of the high-energy beats of eurodance, the rhythmical diversity of house, the widespread appeal of pop, and the sweet nostalgia of the ’90s.

The global pandemic was a turning point for Jimmy, transforming dormant years into a flurry of creativity and productivity. What started as a solitary venture, with Jimmy dedicating every spare moment to mastering music production through online resources, has now blossomed into a full-fledged musical pursuit, drawing listeners from all corners.

Now, back in his homeland and inspired by the artistic vibrancy of Thessaloniki, Jimmy crafts new pieces that contribute to his musical mosaic. His songs, often conceptualized in engaging live-streaming sessions, initially echo on SoundCloud, garnering attention and anticipation for their official release.

Beyond music, Jimmy finds artistic expression through the lens of his camera, capturing life’s candid moments and the scenic beauty of Greece, sometimes even reflecting the moods and themes of his musical pieces. “Photography, like music, captures the unsaid and the unseen, preserving a feeling forever,” says Jimmy, highlighting the synergy between his two passions.

Reflecting on his journey, Jimmy shares, “The fear of the unknown once made sharing my music seem like an insurmountable challenge. Now, it’s a source of connection, joy, and endless gratitude.” The decision to open up his world and his work to the audience was transformative, marking a pivotal chapter in his life’s story.

Today, Jimmy Demis stands as a symbol of passion materialized, his music a sanctuary for listeners. Each track is not just a tune but an emotional narrative, inviting audiences to partake in the journey and its many twists and turns.

Join in this celebration of sound, emotion, and life. Stay connected, and be part of a story that sings tales of dreams, resilience, and the beauty that music brings.

Thank you for every listen, every message, and every share.

With melody, gratitude, and a snapshot of life,

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