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Tuning Up for 2024: New Beats, New Highs!

As the final notes of this year’s grand symphony fade into the tranquil silence of anticipation, we find ourselves on the cusp of a brand-new year—an untouched sheet of music waiting for melodies yet unimagined. It’s that magical moment we all cherish, standing between the familiar and the unknown, and I am thrilled to share it with the very people who make my journey in music an extraordinary one—yes, you! 

Happy New Year, my dear listeners! 🎉🎶 

As we usher in this New Year, my wish for each one of you is a journey filled with prosperity, new inspirations, and, most importantly, harmony in every aspect of life. May the coming days compose a soundtrack that resonates with your hopes, your dreams, and the very essence of your spirit. May you encounter new opportunities, adventures, and challenges—each one contributing to a grand opus that you’ll look back on with pride. 

But before we dive into 2024, let’s hit rewind on 2023 real quick: 

  • Dropped 6 original tracks and gave a new home to 2 covers. 
  • Tweaked the vibe with a couple of Greek tunes. 
  • The YouTube fam grew and we’re teetering on the brink of 5k subscribers! 
  • We’ve got a solid crowd with an average of 2k listeners on Spotify now. 
  • Big move: kissed Ireland goodbye and re-rooted in Greece. 

So, back in February, I snagged a new job in Dublin. Pretty cool experience, but fast forward few months, and I was packing my bags to head back to Greece. With all the chaos, finding time for my music became a serious hustle. I mean, I tried to squeeze in some moments for songwriting and hitting the production desk, but there just wasn’t enough time—or cash—to really dive into it. 

But hey, it wasn’t all dry spells! I got to mess around with some Greek tunes and even dropped a few covers like “Unstoppable” and “I’m Good (Blue).” Not exactly what I had planned, but still a blast to work on! 

Now that I’m settled in Thessaloniki, my bedroom studio is almost set. There are still a few bits and pieces I need to grab, like a digital piano, a midi keyboard, and a decent DJ controller—just need the funds to make it happen. 

So, here’s the game plan for 2024 (queue the dramatic orchestra): 🥁🎺 

  • First up, I’m shooting for 4k monthly listeners on Spotify. Ambitious? Maybe. Doable? Absolutely. 
  • Next, I’m eyeing that 5k-subscriber milestone on YouTube. Time to ramp up the content! 
  • I’m also committing to dropping new tracks, aiming for at least one song each month. That’s 12 chances for a hit single, right? 
  • Now, here’s a wild one: Could I snag 500 followers on Instagram? Challenge accepted. 📸
  • How about shooting for a solid 100 followers on TikTok? I’m planning to mix things up and maybe drop some cool stuff there. Let’s see how it goes! 
  • Last but definitely not least, I’m brewing something special for the Greek music scene. Keep an eye out for a fresh project making its way onto Spotify. 

Alright, team, we have got 12 months on the clock. Let’s make some noise! 🎶💥 

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